Transform great ideas into practical action

Project: IFLS Library System website redesign, 2019

Client: IFLS Library System

Results: The IFLS website is an information-dense resource for library staff. This redesign created a site that is more intuitive to navigate, with an updated and clean appearance. The new site also integrates a public-facing page that supports IFLS’s advocacy efforts. The new site is scheduled to launch on July 25, 2019.

Before: The old site was functional, but pages of lists were hard to navigate and there was no easy way for IFLS to promote its vision and its libraries.

After: The new site’s fresh design is built on solid UX design with a robust and easy to access knowledge base that is searchable by keyword, category and title. The public can easily find public libraries in our service area and access information about library advocacy.

Project: IFLS Library System name change and logo redesign, 2018

Client: IFLS Library System (formerly named the Indianhead Federated Library System

Results: The name “Indianhead Federated Library System” had become outdated, and the word “Indianhead” was offensive to staff and community members. Using an incremental team strategy, we rebranded the system to reflect the values and mission of the organization. The new name is IFLS Library System, the tagline is Inspiring and Facilitating Library Success.

old logo
logo: IFLS, Inspiring and Facilitating Library Success

Project: Going Native

Client: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Results: This step-by-step guide for small landowners and homeowners went into multiple printings before being converted to PDF for web distribution. Researched, written and illustrated by Rebecca Kilde, edited by Ellen Fuge.

Going Native publication cover

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