Communicate to inspire action, build community

E-letters: Action-focused communication

Client: IFLS Library System, 2017 to ppresent

Results: This bi-weekly e-letter gives busy public librarians the skills and tools to become better at telling their library’s story. This is a focused list that averages over 55% open rate, and over 12% click-through.

Take a look at one issue of Marketing Monday, and subscribe to see future editions!

Facebook: Focus on Engagement

Client: IFLS Library System, 2017 to present

Results: In my first year, increased follows by 30%, increased engagement for the IFLS Facebook feed.

Client: Portland Store Fixtures, 2015

Results: doubled Instagram follows in six months; improved Facebook engagement by two percent and increased average post reach; integrated blogs with social media strategy.


Client: Menomonie Market Food Co-op, 2016

Contemplating My Navel blog post.

Client: Minnesota DNR

Going Native


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